OptimaLift A+ Eye Repair Capsules
July 9, 2019
OptimaLift A+ Eye Repair Capsules Sample Set ($1 Shipping)
July 17, 2019

OptimaLift A+ Intelligent Eye Revitaliser Tri-Action Massager


Winner of The Singapore Women’s Weekly Best Beauty Buys 2020
“Best Facial Device – Firming”

Available for preorder only.

Preorder from now until 31 Jan 2020 to enjoy 15% discount! Enter discount code: PREORDER15 upon checkout.

Stocks are expected to arrive on 1 Feb 2020 and we will notify you once your order has been shipped.


The Intelligent Eye Revitaliser Tri-Action Massager combines High Frequency Vibration of up to 10,000 micro-vibrations per minute to activate blood circulation and promote detoxification, Hot Compress with rapid heating function of up to 45°C to soothe and relieve fatigue around the eye contours, and LED Red Light Therapy to enhance cellular activity to promote collagen regeneration and repair damaged skin cells. It also helps to enhance the skin’s absorption of eye cream applied.

Mode 1: Vibration + Hot Compress + Red Light Therapy

Triple-effect care – brightening, skin rejuvenation and anti-wrinkle effects to repair and revitalise the elasticity of the eye contours.

Mode 2: Hot Compress + Red Light Therapy

The hot compress wakes up sleeping eye muscles, and the LED red light care enhances cell activity to promote collagen regeneration, and repair damaged cells.

Mode 3: Vibration + Hot Compress

10,000 times / minute high-frequency vibration massage, 37°C – 45°C heat settings, to wake up sleeping eye muscles, while accelerating the absorption of nutrients from your products.

  1. Take an appropriate amount of cream and spread it evenly on the skin.
  2. Short press (switch button) to turn on device and  short press    (switch button) to switch between modes. Press “+”/“-” to adjust the temperature as needed.
  3. Holding the upper part of the device, use the head of the device to massage as shown.
  1. After each use, long press (on/off button) to turn off. To clean the device, wipe the massage head with a dry towel or tissue.


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