December 4, 2018
VIT. ENERGY ALL DAY HYDRA SOURCE Moisturizing Cr. (50ml)
December 6, 2018

VIT. ENERGY VIT.C PURE COMPLEX 20% Conc. Serum (30ml)



Enriched with pure vitamin C, highly concentrated to 20%, this serum awakens tired skin, reduces the effects of oxidative stress, lightens and brightens complexion.

Its fine and ultra-penetrating non-greasy texture means it can be used in the morning under a day cream, or by itself as night time treatment.

A change in colour may occur over time due to concentration of the serum.

STABILISED VITAMIN C: water-soluble, bio-transformed into fat-soluble vitamin C through phosphatase action. Powerful antioxidant and anti-free radical agent, stimulates collagen production, reduces melanin synthesis and lightens existing spots. Reduces scars resulting from acne lesions.

HTAC BOOSTER: powerful skin cell booster, special energising action by increasing mitochondrial activity, protects skin youthfulness against oxidation and pollution. Excellent anti-wrinkle and anti-fatigue effect. Synthesised by the calcified Jania Rubens seaweed, associated with a carrageenan with moisturising and protective properties.

FUCOGEL: immediate and long-term moisturising properties, through a hygroscopic coating-forming effect.

Shake before use.

Avoid area around eyes.

If skin is sensitive, it is advised to mix the serum into a moisturiser instead of applying directly onto skin due to high levels of concentrated Vitamin C.

Apply a small amount as a day or night serum, and massage into skin gently with fingertips.

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