SLIM-FACE-LIFT Actinine-Tensive Toning Cream (50ml)
April 23, 2018
SLIM-FACE-LIFT Integrine-Nutrition Nourishing Cream (50ml)
April 23, 2018

SLIM-FACE-LIFT Fibriline-Confort Hydrating Cream (50ml)



To visibly sharpen the contours of your face, the Fibriline-Confort Hydrating Cream combines two essential treatments of slimming and lifting:
– reduction of skin fat to relieve and refine the facial contour and neck line
– stimulation of the elastin fibres in order to better sustain the cutaneous tissues

With a light, silky texture, Fibriline-Confort Hydrating Cream will quickly moisturize and replenish dry skin.

Key Active Ingredients:

Key Active Ingredients:

I. Slim-Excess – Restructures the facial contour

II. Uplevity – Tightening effect and powerful lifting

III. Renovhyal – Limits the appearance of signs of ageing

IV. Longevicell – Cell regeneration

V. Birch Cryobud – Regenerative and revitalizing properties

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