Feminity Survivine Serum (50ml)
April 29, 2018
Feminity Hydra-Hormone Cream (50ml)
April 29, 2018

Feminity Nutri-Hormone Cream (50ml)



Feminity is a dermo-cosmetic application of the 2007 Nobel Prize in Medicine for Stem Cell Research. This treatment preserves youthfulness and femininity by regaining skin hormonal balance and protecting parent stem cells.

Key active ingredients:

1) Phyto-Age, which helps to maintain skin firmness and increases skin moisture content, and

2) Survicode, which protects the dermal and epidermal stem cell resources to prolong their lifespan. Nutri-Hormone Cream draws beauty from the life source to preserve your skin’s future. With a rich, silky texture, the cream compensates for the daily hormonal deficiencies of the epidermis and helps stem cells fully express their powers of regeneration. It replenishes lacking nutrients to bring comfort and radiance to dry skin.

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