Osmo Sens Cellulite – Slimming Sensory Getaway (2x200ml)
April 24, 2018
Enzymacid Surfacing Peeling Technology Prozym Cream (50ml)
April 24, 2018

Enzymacid Surfacing Peeling Technology Dermaxid Face Peeling (50ml)

$98.00 $88.20


This dermo-aesthetic treatment treats several types of skin problems:dull complexion, smoker skin, blotches, over-pigmentation, thick skin, superficial blemishes, residual scars, surface wrinkles, tired skin. Used regularly, these treatments radically and visibly restore the skin, and are prefect used in combination with aesthetic medicine treatment protocols. Dermaxid Face Peeling smoothes the skin micro-surface like a professional micro-dermabrasion session. This peeling treatment removes dead cells and impurities, smoothes the skin texture for a real “new skin” effect. Key active ingredient: Stabilized enzymes, Cross-linked papain polymers, Aluminium oxide, Iron gluconate, Citric acid, Stabilized vitamin C.

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