Acti-Biotic Sebo Savon Purifying Foaming Gel (250ml)
April 29, 2018
Bio-Pure Reoxygen Intense Nutritive Cream (50ml)
April 29, 2018

Bio-Pure Detox Maxx Anti-Pollution Mask (50ml)



With its unique blend of pure clay and essential oils, this purifying mask is like a true biological blotter able to absorb pollutants and other impurities that clog the skin. Endowed with oxygenating powers, this mask stimulates the supply of oxygen to the cells.

Key active ingredients:

1) Purisoft, which eliminates all environmental micro-particles that asphyxiate the skin by stimulating skin defense systems.

2) Phytovityl, which promotes cell metabolism.

3) Oxygeskin, which boosts the capacity of skin cells to respond to low oxygen levels and facilitates cellular transportation of oxygen.

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