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Erase signs of fatigure with our Vitamin Energy Facial for a youthful, invigorated and revitalised skin.


The Vitamin Energy range is specifically tailored to address the effects of daily aggressions faced by the skin through the use of multi-vitamins with powerful antioxidant effects to combat premature ageing, and vegetal taurine that energises skin cells to recharge fatigue skin. A facial treatment with powerful revitalising, anti-fatigue action, making our skin ‘‘indefatigable’’, perfect for those who face stresses of the modern life.


  • Boosts energy levels of skin cells to erase signs of fatigure
  • Anti-pollution shield protects against oxidative stress
  • Stimulates collagen production to minimise appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
  • Instant moisturising effect for plumper, more supple skin
  • Eliminates dark eye circles and puffy eyes

Targeted Skin Conditions

  • Puffy eyes
  • Dark eye circles
  • Asphyxiated skin
  • Ageing skin
  • Dull skin
  • Dry skin
  • Lines and wrinkles
  • Also suitable for men


Calista (@beautywithcal)

I tried the new Vitamin Energy Facial Treatment which helps to energize, revitalize, fights signs of ageing and fatigue in 90 mins. The key highlights are the 4 types of serums used – detox, hydrate, anti-ageing and brightening, and a T-bar tool to massage the face. The entire treatment was very relaxing. My skin was very radiant and glowing after 90 mins. Definitely felt energized!

Sophia (@makeup_blogette)

If your skin is in desperate need of repair and rejuvenation, or you’re prepping for a big day, I think it is worthwhile investing in this program like this – you will see instant results, and there is no downtime. And when I say instant results, I don’t mean superficial results as they use the T-bar which I feel helps (the serums) to penetrate the skin, and the serums used are very concentrated and active.

Benedict (@unclebene)

Energize, revitalize, and fight signs of ageing and fatigue in 90 minutes! It’s most soothing and gentle during the whole facial process and oozes with the potency of vitamin serums. It’s a 4 course session for your benefit!  ❤

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$128 (U.P $420)

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