Combining the application of the award-winning OptimaLift A+ Eye Care Range from ést.lab, with the multi-functional technologies from the new Magic Eye specialised machine device, your eyes will be treated to 45 minutes of pampering by our professional therapists.


The Magic Eye Lift Machine utilises three technologies to alleviate eye fatigue and restore the sparkle in your eyes.

Radio Frequency helps to tighten existing collagen for an immediate up-lifting effect, stimulates new collagen growth and boosts elastin production for improved skin elasticity.
High Frequency Vibration enhances blood circulation to promote cellular renewal and boosts micro-circulation to eliminate eye oedema to prevent puffy eye bags.
Lastly, Infrared Light Therapy increases collagen production, smooths wrinkles and repairs damaged cells.

*This treatment is not suitable for breastfeeding and pregnant ladies.

Min (@minpoh)

I wish someone told me when I was younger – don’t neglect your eyes. ✨✨ I’m pleasantly surprised with my recent trip to Estetica where I tried their latest Luminous Eye Treatment. They definitely did resuscitate my tired dehydrated undereye, and that is just in one session.

Jeneen (@xoxojeneen)

Staring at a computer/phone all day + ageing is not a good combination! I’m so pleased that one session was all it took to rejuvenate my tired looking eyes. My eye area looks so much fresher. Bonus: The eye massages felt so good.

Leanne (@loveforskincare)

Been a fan of ést.lab’s OptimaLift A+ Eye Essence (day) & Eye Cream (night) for some time now, so I was thrilled to learn about Estetica’s new Luminous Eye Treatment, especially one that’s dedicated to eyes only! How it works – tightens & lifts using RF, vibration to boost micro-circulation for puffy eyes & dark circles followed by infrared light therapy to reduce appearance of lines & wrinkles

$38 Luminous Eye Treatment

(U.P. $150)

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