Unhappy with your current skin condition?

Looking to improve your complexion?

Take the first step, and embark on a #JourneyWithEstetica to unveil a visage you can be proud to flaunt.

We will be selecting individuals with different skin concerns, to undergo a holistic facial treatment regime, complemented with ést.lab’s range of skincare products, to help them tackle their skin issues.

Join us on this skin transformation journey, as we document your progress at every step of the way, and help you achieve your desired results.

Through our efforts, we would like to show that everyone can attain their skin goals with just a little bit of effort, from their own hands, and in ours too.


#JourneyWithEstetica will cover multiple skin concerns over 5 phases:

Phase 1: Acne Be Gone (closed)

Phase 2: Chubby Cheeks + Double Chin No More (registration open now!)

Phase 3: Bye Bye Wrinkles (coming soon!)

Phase 4: So Long Pigmentation (coming soon!)

Phase 5: Farewell Dehydrated Skin (coming soon!)