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5 tips when trying out new products

Do you feel that your skincare products no longer work their magic lately? That ‘secret’ cream you swore made your enlarged pores disappear does not seem to work so well anymore? Do you know that as we age, our skin changes and a new skincare regime is needed to meet its evolving needs? But take caution! Introducing something new could potentially cause a lot of problems to your skin – irritation, redness and even breakouts! Here are 5 tips when trying out new products:
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1. Know your skin type: If you are going to pick a random product off the shelf, it is highly likely that the product is not suitable for you. Skincare 101: you need to know your skin type before you can buy the right product that’s formulated for your skin type. Knowing your skin type will also help you figure out which ingredients you need and which ones to avoid too. For example, if you’re looking for a hydrating toner for dehydrated skin, you can look for one containing hyaluronic acid which replenishes moisture loss, but not alcohol which is drying.
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2. Do a patch test: Before you start slathering a new bottle of cream all over your face, you should do a patch test. Yes, a patch test for compatibility is crucial even if you have normal skin type. Apply a small amount to a discreet skin area i.e. behind your ear, wrist, neck or the inside of your elbow. Wait 24 hours so you can keep an eye for any red flags: redness, tingling, itching, or swelling. If any issue arises, wash off the product immediately and do not ever use it again, or use it at your own risk!

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3. Read reviews: Recent research suggests that consumers tend to favour a product that has more reviews, even when it has a lower rating than a competing product. This means that we are actually inclined to believe the opposite – a classic example of how we make shopping decisions emotionally, not logically. However, it’s imperative that you remain impartial and read reviews thoroughly. Product reviews can be very beneficial because at the very least, you don’t have to be a guinea pig!

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4. Samples: The best things in life are free – especially when it comes to beauty products! So you’re dying to try THAT cream after reading all the rave reviews online. BUT… you just can’t get past the hefty price tag and you still have some lingering doubts on its suitability for your skin. Try requesting for some samples which will help you ascertain its suitability before you make an investment. It is usually complimentary and will definitely help you stave off buyer’s remorse.

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5. Don’t try new products before an important event: Do you know that we can develop allergies during any stage of our lives? Just because you do not have sensitive skin or have not (yet) developed any adverse reactions to skincare products, doesn’t mean that you are immune to allergens all your life. Remember: it is much safer to try out new products at least 4 weeks before any big occasion. Imagine attending a wedding or a graduation night with a nasty rash on your face! Buffer enough time so that if a catastrophe happens (touchwood!), your skin will have sufficient time to recover.

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To avoid playing the guessing game, feel free to drop by any Estetica outlet for our estheticians to perform a SkinTech analysis for you to find out your skin type and recommend the right mix of skincare products for you!

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