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December 20, 2018
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January 18, 2019

5 ways to achieve your #skingoals in 2019


Time to spruce up your skincare regime

We all have bad skin habits, big or small, which could cause our face to breakout or age a lil’ faster than we like. If your 2019 #skingoal is to achieve a flawless and glowing complexion, these 5 simple, yet essential, skincare rules will help you kickstart the new year with a clean slate (and a clean face)!

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  1. Wash your face before bed
    If there’s one thing you should do right, that would be to wash off every last bit of your makeup before heading to bed. While sleeping, your body and skin repair damaged cells and regenerate new ones. But when your pores are clogged with makeup, your skin will not be able to rest, breathe and fix itself. Furthermore, makeup when left overnight can clog your pores and increase the buildup of sebum and bacteria that cause acne. Trust us, your skin will be thanking you for not neglecting it!

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  2. UV-proof your face
    If you only have time to apply one skincare product in the morning, we’ll totally recommend the humble sunscreen. Not only is sun protection vital in preventing UVA/UVB damage, it also helps to prevent pigmentation, premature ageing, and skin damage from burns. Yes! Just one product can make a huge difference for your skin.
    P.S. our SunShield SPF50 comes in a moisturising formula that adapts to your skin tone, providing you with the perfect “no makeup” makeup look! That’s essentially a 3-in-1 product that moisturises, covers up minute flaws and protects your skin from UV rays, all at the same time. Definitely a #multitaskingskincare for the time-starved!

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  3. Stop sharing your skincare products
    We’re talking about hygiene here. Sharing your products, especially if it comes in tub form means double dipping, and ultimately, sharing the germs. Which, if you think about it, is pretty gross considering that the cream will be going onto your clean face. Did you know, here at ést.lab, our creams are all packaged in an airless pump jar/bottle – no need to dip your fingers in at all!

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  4. Use the right products for your skin
    Yes, there is such a thing as wrong skincare. Certain skincare products are made for particular skin conditions, such as oily or dry skin. Find out what’s your skin type (if you’re not sure which skin type you belong to, read this) and if you’ve sensitive skin, keep track of the ingredients that have caused your skin to have a bad reaction. Just because a product has glowing reviews doesn’t necessarily mean that you should jump on the bandwagon to try it. Always make sure to read the ingredients thoroughly, and do a patch test before you start on any new products!
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  5. Stop popping your pimples
    We all know how satisfying it is to pop that pimple, especially when it has a visible head on the surface. However, squeezing those zits are honestly the worst form of mistreatment to your face. Pimples are like little devils because they are blemishes we don’t want or need, and would require too much effort to get rid or conceal. Just leave the pimple popping to the professionals, and keep your face as clean as humanly possible. If you find pimples and acne being an issue for you, why not try out the Acne Biotic Facial Treatment here!

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We know it might be a lot to ask, but start taking baby steps today and you can be sure that your skincare routine would go up a notch. Cheers to better skin in 2019!

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