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By Sia Ling Xin, Yahoo Asia Pacific

When you step into your twenties, it’s also time to step up your skincare game. Stress, deadlines, the daily commute, long hours… working life wreaks havoc on our skin.

Most women make a conscientious effort to take care of their skin. But while juggling work, personal relationships and grabbing pockets of me-time, a niggling thought remains: Are we doing enough?


For years, the idea of stepping into a beauty salon and being bombarded with dozens of beauty treatment options was daunting, both for my mind and wallet. And so a facial virgin I remained, though I was desperate to join the ranks of my more experienced pals raving about their after-(facial!)-glow.

Thanks to the experts at Estetica, a homegrown beauty institute celebrating their 35th anniversary, I found my answer in their customised facial treatment. Known for their multi award-winning beauty treatments, I’m definitely in good hands! The personalised pampering session gave me nap time and glowing skin. Perfect for the time-strapped, multi-tasking female looking for beauty treatments that deliver effective results.

The easiest test ever

I was dreading the skin analysis bit- surely the top-of-the-range SkinTech machine was going to highlight all my fatal flaws and project them on the screen for my consultant to badger me about. All that trepidation for nothing! Estetica’s staff were professional and objective, explaining how my skin measured up against the general population and my demographic group. They also told me how my skin issues, such as dehydration, would be addressed in the treatment they were going to customise for me later on. I felt like a tai-tai while sipping my tea.


Two hours of bliss

Double cleanse, exfoliate, moisturise, massage… good skin can be a lot more work than most women are willing to put in on a regular basis. To just lay down on a NASA-grade memory foam treatment bed knowing that after 120 minutes, you will be walking out with clear, supple skin feels amazingly liberating.

My treatment started off with cleansing and calming, followed by a scrub and a facial massage. Next came steaming and extraction, which felt nothing like the horror stories I’d heard. My eyebrows got trimmed (those unruly things!). I then had what felt like the best eye massage ever, courtesy of the eye firming machine treatment which drains toxins and fluids from your eye contour areas.


Then came the big guns: double serums from Estetica’s award-winning skin care brand, ést.lab and double masks on my eye, face and neck areas for 25 minutes to achieve total radiance. I was finally roused from my near-comatose state of relaxation with an awesome back and shoulder massage.

The verdict

There was none of that post-facial raw, red skin I’d feared, and my skin felt noticeably smoother and more radiant. The ultimate litmus test on whether a facial works? When your colleagues, who had no idea you had a little work done, compliment your glowing skin the next morning.

Post facial, I wanted to nourish the area around my eyes and be shielded from harsh UV rays. Estetica sent me home with a bag of goodies easy to work into the almost non-existent skin care regime of busy women like myself, and I can’t wait to incorporate them into my five-minute morning skincare regime.


Estetica has 9 outlets islandwide, with their flagship store located at Plaza Singapura #06-18. Estetica is now offering a promotion for the Customised Facial at just $68. (U.P. $198). Go book yourself a pampering sesh customised to meet your skin’s unique needs, be it oily, sensitive, ageing, dehydrated or pigmented skin. What are you waiting for?

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