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ABOUT ést.lab

ést.lab is a multi-award winning beauty range designed with one purpose in mind: to achieve the highest rates of efficacy for your skin by harnessing the best technologies found in Europe and Asia. With our deep understanding of your skin for more than 30 years, we handpick active ingredients that are specially formulated to suit your skin. We are equally adept at exploring and implementing traditional methods of wellness as we are at conducting cutting-edge research using the most sophisticated equipment that Science has enabled us. All within the framework of understanding what’s best for your skin.

Developed by Estetica, a beauty company with more than 30 years’ experience, our winning products have garnered the highest media accolades with long running awards from local and international media such as Harper’s BAZAAR Most Hydrating Facial 2013, Harper’s BAZAAR Caviar Facial 2013, Most Comprehensive Slimming 2013 and Best Intensive Eye Treatment.

With products stemming from Nobel Prize winning research and active ingredients that have been produced proven results for centuries, you can be assured that ést.lab enables the best results for radiant, luminous and youthful skin.


Estetica’s unwavering commitment to R&D is exemplified by us being the first homegrown beauty retailer to collaborate with the Agency for Science, Technology and Research (A*STAR), Singapore’s leading public research agency.

To focus on a scientific approach towards beauty, Estetica and A*STAR have co-developed the SkAI™ (Skin Analytics and Ingredients) Matrix with knowledge tapped from the Institute of Materials Research and Engineering’s (IMRE) vast polymer bank. This Matrix is an evaluation tool and active ingredient database to guide Estetica in selecting and formulating the most relevant and effective products in beauty cosmetics. Containing a comprehensive list of ingredients and materials obtained from the world’s leading manufacturers, SkAI™ benchmarks each ingredient across four main categories – Safety, Efficacy, Compatibility and Marketability.

The synergy between Estetica and IMRE is set for more growth with the signing of a MoU in 2015 for deeper study into materials for personal care products.