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    We all know that certain someone whose skin exudes flawless radiance we could only admire and envy from afar. Truth be told, we all have that glow potential—we just don’t necessarily know how to give our skin the best care it needs. While genetic factors may mean that our skin […]

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  • Review on ést.lab Products

    Just a few weeks ago, I posted about the customized facialtreatment at Estetica Beauty and now it’s time to review some of the products that I have tried from their in-house skincare brand, ést.lab. They are the facial scrub (LumiWhite Brightening Scrub), moisturizer (PurClear Normalizing Cream) and sunscreen (SunShield SPF50). […]

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  • Kaykay Review

    VERY HAPPY to be sharing today’s post with you all! Cos guess who’s on board the star-studded list of celebrities(them, not me) who are sponsored by Estetica??? Together with Jesseca Liu(lucky girl is the ambassador) and Romeo Tan(MY ALL TIME FAVE LOCAL ACTOR. I LOVE YOU ROMEO! Haha like he […]